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Marc Hatton
Great product

Great tool, well built

Golf grip trainer

I still have not received the golf grip trainer

Hi Marc,
You ordered a PlaneSWING Birdie package & training grip and your PlaneSWING was delivered on the 8th June. It's now the 3rd July. This is the first time we've heard about this.
The training grip, according to our warehouse shipping check list, was confirmed as placed in the PlaneSWING box. Either this is an error on our part, in which case apologies, or it's been mistakenly discarded with the packaging. Either way, we'll send you another today via USPS and send you the tracking details via email and text as we have each other's direct contact details. All the very best, Tony (Clark)️‍♂️

Linda Nolen

I do think it is helping my swing be more consistent

Theodoros Zorbas

I have not use it

Rick Camy
My swing

Getting mixed results I use it 10-15 minutes a day how long before see more positive results?

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the feedback. Our support emails invite you to send us stills and video of you in and out of PlaneSWING so we can help ensure you're using PlaneSWING correctly. You have my details and we've spoken a few times. Feel free to get those to me so we can accelerate your improvement.

Jeffrey Vogen
Fixed the Problem

At 67 years old I have developed some bad habits. After using the Birdie Package three times a week I could feel the changes in my swing. I wanted to wait a month and get on the golf course several times before I wrote a review. I went from pulling my irons left (found out I was all arms thanks to the Plane Swing) to dead straight or slight draw.
My distances surprised me the first time as my irons are now 1-2 clubs longer (8 iron used to be 150 yds. and now 165 yds +} with a nice high ball flight. I am now on the green in regulation or better. I can't believe the difference it has made. I am almost back to where I was in my 30's with my irons.

Hi Jeff, Sincere thanks for the review. Taking you back 30 years is a terrific testimony. I'm delighted that you're seeing such a positive impact on your game. Certainly greater distance with the irons is something we hear a lot about from PlaneSWING clients and that's down to an improved angle of attack and better use of the body. So well done! Please keep up the work on PlaneSWING. Keep working on sequencing the body and arms and building width. It's a never ending process.
Kindest regards, Tony

Incredible training device! It’s already added some distance for me, and my swing is a bit more consistent and on plane. Need to keep working at it!

Andrew Nickerson
Great tool

This is a great tool. I would like more tutorials on the product.

Hi Andrew, I'm delighted you're enjoying PlaneSWING. We'll be filming drills early next month and I'll be sure to let you and other know when they're uploaded. Meanwhile checkout and the 'How to...' playlist and remember you can send images and video for review and feedback.

Daniel Housekeeper
Swing Away

All the feels. Love it.

Thanks Daniel. Keep in touch and share your progress. Hope to see you in Orlando. Tony

Michael Trent

I am 59 years old and started my golf journey 4 years ago. I have spent a lot of money on golf lessons, golf schools, golf gadgets and anything else that is supposed to help me strike the ball better and I can honestly say I wished I would have found the PlaneSwing first.

I purchased the Eagle package and I’m glad I have the 3 different power rollers. I have developed a training program where I swing the power rollers with and without the PlaneSwing unit. My core is getting tighter and my arms are getting stronger. Today I was hitting my 6 hybrid and I normally hit it about 155, today I was hitting 170 to 180. I am well on my way to be a single handicap golfer.

Thanks Tony

Thank YOU Mike for such comprehensive feedback. It's fair to say that we don't share the fitness benefits enough. The extra length is a by product of an improved angle of attack and freedom in the body. Keep working at it. See you in June at the Academy. Tony

Ryan Maccione
Great training aid.

Love it. I do wish I was pushed to get all the different length clubs and the lighter version for my wife and daughter. They should be standard! Easy set up and assembly.

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the feedback. Love that you 'love it' and I'm glad we were able to get the short & long lighter PowerSLIDERs to you. Keep in touch. Tony

Donald Hotton
Best golf tool

It really lets me understand how to stay on plan and transfer my weight

Thanks Donald. Sounds like your swing is already more efficient. It's a good point you make on weight transference. Often this and keeping centered in PlaneSWING are taken for granted. Keep using PlaneSWING and increasing the dosage. Tony

Thank you

Chris Sands


Joe Pagnoni
Birdie Package

The Plane swing just works! If you commit to using it as instructed for 10 minutes a day, you will absolutely see results. I have noticed a vast improvement in my ball flight and distance after only a few weeks using Plane Swing!

Hi Joe, Thank you for posting your review. It's very much appreciated. And you're right. Following the instructions makes the positive changes even more rapid. Generally the ball flight change and distance gained comes from an improved angle of attack and a resulting far more dynamic position at impact and 'compression'. Keep it up and watch how your golf fitness improves too. Please keep in touch. Warmest regards, Tony

Karl Lentz
Tony Clark is a real person who cares about me

I had some difficulty setting up the plane swing so I called the support number and Tony answered in person to answer my questions. He didn't seem rushed and was engaged to my problem and was very supportive. I called again a couple weeks later to inquire about the video analysis and Tony answered again. No recordings, no complicated sequence of message options...just a real, enthusiastic person willing to chat about any questions I might have. I look forward to maximizing my benefits with Tony's video analysis and practice.

Hi Karl,
That's very kind of you to post such a supportive and detailed review. It's hugely appreciated. Our goal, my goal, is not only bringing more people into the game by making it simpler, it's retaining golfers that have perhaps lost faith in their game, believe they're too old to improve or have perhaps tried everything else but not seen improvement. I care deeply that our customers are using PlaneSWING correctly so as to achieve the results that we promise and that they expect. It's for this reason that I dedicate my time to working with every PlaneSWING customer that seeks support.
Please keep in touch.
Kindest regards, Tony

Michael Mucaria
Well made and design

I really enjoy using my new Swing Planer, it feels so natural. Can’t wait to see my results.
Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,
That's great to hear. Thank you. Here's to a great summer of game improvement!
Please keep in touch.

Kind regards,


Eamonn OHanlon

Hi Tony
Plane swing arrived on time was easier than I anticipated to st up have been using for 4 weeks now and I love it. I had started to develop a horrible cut on my swings and it has really improved that aspect, I work on it every night for about 15 minutes, two minute intervals and I really feel like my lower back is getting stronger No more walking with a hunch back
Great work out aid, can feel my muscles getting stronger, have yet to play a round as winter has not cooperated, I’m very happy with the purchase and looking forward to a great golf season

Hi Eamonn,
Thank you for taking the time to post your review of progress to date since you purchased your PlaneSWING. I love that you're seeing the fitness benefits too. Here's to a great summer! Thanks again, Tony


If you buy planeswing, you will want the short slider too.

Thanks Russell. Certainly if you're looking to work on pitching & chipping (or 6ft 4in plus), the shorter PowerSLIDER is a must. I hope you're well. Tony

Brian Anderson
Game changer!

Let me start by saying that I’ve bought and used dozens of golf training aids over the years. The Planeswing is, by far, one of the best investments you can make to improve your golf swing. I have been training with it for about 3 weeks, 20m/day. I have noticed significant improvements in my distance and accuracy. Other benefits include better tempo, width of swing, club release and balanced finish. It’s the best possible golf workout due to the weighted slider, friction resistance and the fact that you are using core golf muscles throughout the movements. I researched this item for weeks and months. I wish I would have purchased it sooner. I couldn’t be happier and give this my highest recommendation.
The founder/owner, Mr. Tony Clark, has been absolutely wonderful throughout this process. He truly cares about helping his customers realize their full potential as golfers with this amazing product.

Hi Brian, Thank you so much for taking the time to write and post a detailed review of your experience to date with PlaneSWING. It's greatly appreciated. I'm excited and delighted that you're seeing the results that we wish all of our customers to achieve. Please keep us informed of your on-going performance.
Warmest regards, Tony

If you get planeswing, you need this slider.

Jenaro Gonzales
trouble on angle set up

I 'm real please with the construction of the plain swing just got confused about set
up on angle and plain set up and the bungee cord ??? still not sure if i have it right

Hi Jenaro, Let's get on a call and feel free to send me video and images of you in PlaneSWING. Here to help. Also check your spam/junk folders for our emails, because they contain links and often get mistaken fopr spam. Kind regards, Tony M: 256-282-9098

Nick Purch
Great learning tool - worth the money

If you're a brand new golfer, this is a must-have. Even if you're a scratch golfer (I am), you'll benefit from using Plane Swing. I benefited in ways I didn't anticipate - speed training and widening my arc, both back and through the swing. I actually get a great workout from swinging the weighted powerslider. I bought the birdie package, but wish I would have bought the eagle package - curious to swing the lighter powerslider. Easy set-up, took me about 70 minutes (taking my time). Great instructional videos on youtube.

Hi Nick, Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comprehensive review, it's greatly appreciated. We lover the positive impact PlaneSWING is having and width in the swing and increased club speed is what it's designed to help achieve. Yes, it really is a work out!! I'll reach out tomorrow ref the long LIGHTER PowerSLIDER.
Thanks again,

Erskin Howard
Fist 30 days

My golf game has gotten worst since I started using planeswing. My scores have increase. Are you available for lessons?

Hi Erskin,
Thank you for your feedback. Obviously that's not want we want to hear, but it's appreciated and as you'll see from our other reviews you're not experiencing the success enjoyed by our thousands of other delighted customers. So let's get you fixed pronto!! I have sent you a text asking about your availability tomorrow for a complimentary video lesson. Kind regards, Tony ( Clark)

Kevin Bergholz

I have hesitated for years now to spend the money, but it is truly worth the investment. I use it daily and have went to the range with a total different field in swing, I’ve been golfing for 40 years and I cannot wait to get into regular golf competition again this summer. My swing feels totally different ball flight and everything else is awesome.