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The most effective way to build a powerful and repeatable swing – GUARANTEED

  1. Build a Powerful & repeatable motion on Plane in minutes
  2. Instantly gain extra distance with every club
  3. You’ll be Straighter & Longer
  4. Enjoy The Consistency You’ve Dreamed Of – Guaranteed!
  5. Free Instructional DVD in 15 easy-to-understand sections

Additional Product Details


Includes both long and SHORT (simulates 6 iron to wedge) PowerSLIDERs

This is the choice of Tour Players. With the Long & SHORT PowerSLIDER included you’re ready to work on your long game, pitching and chipping. Simple drills to ingrain a repeatable motion with those “scoring” clubs!

Achieve a champion swing!

  1. More distance
  2. Straighter
  3. Pure ball striking
  4. Square club face at impact


PlaneSWING simply, quickly and dramatically improves a golfers understanding of the golf swing delivering rapid and long lasting improvement.

PlaneSWING is a kinesthetic teaching, training & golf fitness system that when set to a golfers’ ideal swing plane allows the golfer to build a powerful and repeatable motion whilst training and conditioning specifically the muscles used in the golf swing.

The PlaneSWING concept is used and endorsed by some of the World’s leading golf teachers and is now available to every golfer. Plus we’ve made significant improvements on other swing hoops and comprises of 7 key elements:

  1. A Comprehensive Instructional Video download
  2. A multi-adjustable hoop with a telescopic strut for angle setting
  3. The PlaneGUIDE. This elasticated cord is used for determining a golfers ideal swing plane
  4. A weighted long PowerSLIDER, 112 cm & 1.3kg (simulates driver to 5 iron) which stretches and trains specifically the muscles used in the golf swing creating the powerful and repeatable motion that golfers seek.
  5. This package also includes Short PowerSLIDER, 100cm & 1.1kg, [simulates 6 iron wedge]
  6. The PlaneCHECKER. This fits into the end of the club (handle) and acts as a simple reference point, indicating whether or not the golfer is on plane at the top of the back swing and follow-through
  7. The Stance Alignment Mat has straight lines to aid a consistently square set-up
  8. Numbered self-adhesive decals. These are numbered 1 thru 12 and when placed on the upper hoop in a clock formation facing in towards the golfer, they provide the perfect aid for drills and rapid swing improvement.

PlaneSWING is constructed of robust powder-coated steel and is weather resistant.

We include an easy to understand fully illustrated assembly booklet with a How to Use section plus we offer unrivaled on-going customer assistance via email and phone.


Assembly is a once-only job and takes approximately 45 minutes. Once assembled, the PlaneSWING can easily fold in half and rolls away (on wheels) in seconds for easy storage.


  • Never use a golf club on PlaneSWING. Only the PowerSLIDER
  • Do not attempt to hit balls when using PlaneSWING
  • Always build the swing using the shoulders and arms and keep the motion smooth and passive. This ensures gentle and effective stretching and conditioning of the golfing muscles
  • Carefully follow the health & safety instructions and guide on how to use PlaneSWING


  • Length: 1651mm (65in) x width: 533mm (21in) x depth: 203mm (8in)
  • Weight: 34kg (75lbs)


  • Height: 7ft 6in (2286mm)
  • Width: 11.5ft (3420mm)
  • Depth: 4ft 10in (1450mm)

Weight: 75 lbs

Dimenions: 65 x 21 x 8 in

At PlaneSWING, we aim to deliver all of our products with care.

Every PlaneSWING® is sent by a recognized delivery service from one of our 3 distribution centers worldwide and will arrive at your named delivery address within 5 working days of when you place your order. The exact timeframe for delivery will be specified on the despatch confirmation email. Our smaller items are sent by post.

Shipping is free in Mainland USA, Canada (most areas), UK and the EU.

What's Included In The BIRDIE Package?


FREE PlaneSWING Sun Sleeves

In March 2022 at age 63 I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer on the back of my left arm. Only a chance screening caught this early. Suddenly skin cancer got my attention, something I’ve been pretty blasé about. 

That’s why I’m sharing this with you and why I decided to include FREE sun sleeves with every PlaneSWING.

Read more about our fight with skin cancer here


Short - Simulates 6 Iron to Sand Wedge

Long Standard - Simulates Driver to 5 Iron

*The BIRDIE Package only includes the short and long-standard PowerSLIDERs.

To get the package with all 3 PowerSLIDERs click here


Our simple but ingenious PlaneCHECKER™ which fits at the butt of the PowerSLIDER™ will help you see and feel whether or not you are on-plane on the back swing AND follow-through without corrupting your spine angle.


Attached at each side of the PlaneSWING this should run across the sternum, level with the bottom of the armpits and be bowing slightly across the chest. See this setting image. Remove before use of course!

Stance Alignment Mat

Designed to encourage a square set up every time

Drill Numbers

Numbers 1 – 12 to be placed in a clock formation around the upper PlaneSWING hoop for building the swing with tempo working the shoulders, arms and body as one movement in the takeaway

Instructional Video

This 45 minute video is split into 15 easy to digest sections and made available via a link. Plus the PlaneSWING Team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Assembly Video and Instructions
Assembly is simple and a once only job. We provide both written and video assembly instructions and are always available to help, either by phone or email, if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Nick Purch
Great learning tool - worth the money

If you're a brand new golfer, this is a must-have. Even if you're a scratch golfer (I am), you'll benefit from using Plane Swing. I benefited in ways I didn't anticipate - speed training and widening my arc, both back and through the swing. I actually get a great workout from swinging the weighted powerslider. I bought the birdie package, but wish I would have bought the eagle package - curious to swing the lighter powerslider. Easy set-up, took me about 70 minutes (taking my time). Great instructional videos on youtube.

Hi Nick, Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comprehensive review, it's greatly appreciated. We lover the positive impact PlaneSWING is having and width in the swing and increased club speed is what it's designed to help achieve. Yes, it really is a work out!! I'll reach out tomorrow ref the long LIGHTER PowerSLIDER.
Thanks again,

Erskin Howard
Fist 30 days

My golf game has gotten worst since I started using planeswing. My scores have increase. Are you available for lessons?

Hi Erskin,
Thank you for your feedback. Obviously that's not want we want to hear, but it's appreciated and as you'll see from our other reviews you're not experiencing the success enjoyed by our thousands of other delighted customers. So let's get you fixed pronto!! I have sent you a text asking about your availability tomorrow for a complimentary video lesson. Kind regards, Tony ( Clark)

Kevin Bergholz

I have hesitated for years now to spend the money, but it is truly worth the investment. I use it daily and have went to the range with a total different field in swing, I’ve been golfing for 40 years and I cannot wait to get into regular golf competition again this summer. My swing feels totally different ball flight and everything else is awesome.

John Lewis
First month

A little background. Male, 63 yrs old. 6’1 220lbs. 18 months into double bi-pass surgery. Due to health issues and loss of strength I developed some serious swing flaws trying to create length which compounded the length and accuracy issues.
I bought planeswing to help create positive swing thoughts and movement…my impressions so far…
Very impressed with how easy it was to purchase and receive the equipment. Very easy to assemble and set a correct plane for irons and driver swings. Very impressed with how easy it is to fold and store. Even though it is recommended to have two, it’s only me and I’ve had no issues doing this by myself.
I use the planeswing at least 5 days a week and alternate between the two established planes. I never tire of using it…
What I like about the planeswing:
1) it is helping me create a repeatable swing path. Which in my opinion is of the utmost importance. If you deliver the club the same way each time you should be able to predict the flight, distance and direction enabling you to hopefully shoot more consistent and possibly lower rounds. 2) I love that it’s a workout and helps build the swing muscles correctly. I only use the planeswing for 3-5 minutes at a time(as I said it’s a workout), but I use it multiple times in a day. I totally feel the difference in my muscles.
Results so far: 1) I haven’t fully been able to take the new swing onto the course. What I mean by that is that my old tendencies still creep in, but what I can say is that when I do stay within the swing created by planeswing I have gained accuracy and distance. My best estimate is about 20yds on my driver and 15 yds on most of my irons. My hands and hip rotation is the culprit for not hitting a consistent draw to maintain that extra distance throughout a round, but that issue was ingrained in my swing for over two years and I realize it won’t stop overnight.

Final thoughts! I wholeheartedly believe that the swingplane has improved my ball striking, accuracy and length and will continue to keep those traits for me going into my senior years of golfing. I can’t thank the planeswing creator enough for bringing this training device to the general golfing public and at very affordable price. Highly recommend the birdie package so you can work on both swing paths.

John Lewis
Niceville FL

Dennis Heffernan