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Dramatic Improvements

Start building a powerful & repeatable motion, on plane in minutes.

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Instant Results

Instantly gain EXTRA distance with EVERY golf club.

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Repeatable Swing

Enjoy the consistency you’ve dreamed of – Guaranteed.

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Are You Looking for More Distance, Accuracy and Consistency?


PlayNSWING® Junior
  • Designed for children aged 3 to 10 (maximum height 4ft 7in/ 140cm)
  • Guaranteed to fast-track kids into an active life of golf
  • Provides stability, width & rotation to promote a safe and dynamic swing.

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Still the best training aid, ever

Darren Clarke,
Open Champion 2011
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The results I’m getting with PlaneSWING are astonishing. I’ve been coaching a long time and what I’ve seen in the last 5 days I could not have believed possible. This should change the entire way the game is taught.

Jeff Carine,
Carine Golf Academy, Orlando 
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I’ve achieved a single figure handicap and stayed there. 62% average fairways hit. Top level on Nike app! PlaneSWING’s a massive help

Ricky Muddimer,
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I’m in love! I was a little reluctant, as both a one plane & two plane instructor, to use this. However, I am absolutely impressed by how quickly the kids, even my 'seasoned' players grasp the needed changes...ones we have used many, many other drills to incorporate.  Thank YOU! I'm a VERY happy customer.

Leighann Albaugh,
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This is amazing. I’ve had PlaneSWING for 3 days and played 9 holes with some of the straightest and longest drives I have ever hit. Gone from weak fade and slice to arrow straight with slight draw!

John Browne,
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PlaneSWING works wonders. I had the shanks for years and daily use of PlaneSWING got me on plane. It’s helped me get a square clubface to the ball. Tony Clark, the inventor, even analyzed my swing during training. I highly recommend this product and company

Jeff Cesanaro,
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I decided to take the plunge and buy a PlaneSWING. I wish I’d done it years ago. More fairways and greens in reg; better ball striking and a hole in one. Woohoo!

Alex Wright,

The Brain - Muscle Connection


How and why does PlaneSWING® work? Briefly…people speak about muscle memory. This is an erroneous term. Muscles do not have a memory. What we are talking about here are neural pathways and trained behavioral and motor skill changes.

Used Globally by


We are proud that the PlaneSWING® Golf Training Aid is used across the world by PGA Instructors coaching golfers of all levels, literally from Beginners to Major Winners!

PlaneSWING® not only aids communication between coach and student to facilitate rapid improvement, it also helps a golfer understand the biomechanics of the body in relation to the golf swing. No other golf training aid allows a golfer to “feel” the proper movement the way PlaneSWING® does.


Martin Chuck
Tour Striker Golf


Kevin Craggs
Tour Player Coach


Martin Hall
Golf Digest Top 50 Coach


Randy Smith
PGA Hall of Fame


Mike Malaska
Golf Digest Top 50 Coach

The unique weighted PowerSLIDER® acts as a fitness tool, strengthening specifically the golfing muscles and engaging the core and bigger muscles. It also creates motor-skill change (often referred to as muscle memory) so that a golfer quickly develops a powerful and repeatable motion on THEIR IDEAL golf swing plane.

It’s always been difficult for a coach to describe LAG, but with the PlaneSWING® you FEEL it! Because the PowerSLIDER slides and does NOT roll it builds a light resistance through the swing, gently and effectively working specifically the muscles used in the golf swing. In the transition on the downswing golfers feel and experience lag as you uncoil. No casting with the PowerSLIDER. Instead it aids body/arms sequencing and this helps deliver the dynamic position at impact that golfers crave and allows for a powerful release ON PLANE and through to the target.

Helps combat “coming over the top” and “getting trapped on the inside” by ingraining the correct movement from the takeaway.


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