Why PlaneSWING?

It’s Simply the Most Effective Full-Swing Golf Training Aid Available

How it Works


So how and why does PlaneSWING® work? Briefly…people speak about muscle memory. This is an erroneous term. Muscles do not have a memory. What we are talking about here are Neural pathways. Trained behavioral change. Motor skill change. In basic terms the brain controls movement.

The PlaneSWING System


PlaneSWING® is the True Golf Swing Plane Trainer, designed to give you an instant feel for the perfect golf swing and to ingrain a powerful and repetitive motion. Plus, PlaneSWING® will give you a better understanding of the golf swing and teach you how to apply a quick-fix when needed during a round!

“Instant feel, instant understanding, instant results, it’s golf, Plane and Simple. If you want extra distance, more power, improved accuracy, greater consistency then you need PlaneSWING®.”

“Whether a beginner or Major Winner, left or right handed, male or female, senior or junior, we believe that you’ll experience rapid improvement with permanent results with the PlaneSWING® Golf Swing Trainer.”

You’ll discover that regular use will develop motor-skill change (often referred to as ‘muscle memory’), training and strengthening your golfing muscles in the correct motion.

What's Included With PlaneSWING®


The PowerSLIDER™ is our weighted training club to be used within PlaneSWING® to build and condition the muscles used in your golf swing.

Core engagement and body/arms sequencing. The PowerSLIDER does NOT roll. It is designed to develop a consistent and repeatable motion through motor-skill change. Only the PowerSLIDER can help create LAG in the transition for a dynamic position at impact and a powerful release!


Attached at each side of the PlaneSWING this should run across the sternum, level with the bottom of the armpits and be bowing slightly across the chest. See this setting image. Remove before use of course!


Our simple but ingenious PlaneCHECKER™ which fits at the butt of the PowerSLIDER™ will help you see and feel whether or not you are on-plane on the back swing AND follow-through without corrupting your spine angle.

Stance Alignment Mat

Designed to encourage a square set up every time

Drill numbers

Numbers 1 – 12 to be placed in a clock formation around the upper PlaneSWING hoop for building the swing with tempo working the shoulders, arms and body as one movement in the takeaway

Instructional Video Download

This 45 minute video is split into 15 easy to digest sections and made available via a link. Plus the PlaneSWING Team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Assembly Video and Instructions.
Assembly is simple and a once only job. We provide both written and video assembly instructions and are always available to help, either by phone or email, if needed.

Is it for me?


Use it at home, in the garden or the office!

Regular use of a PlaneSWING® is the quickest way to a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

We believe, and testimonials confirm, that PlaneSWING® is the best golfing investment you’ll ever make, not only in your golf swing training but also in your golfing fitness, allowing you to play better for longer!


If you swing a 4 iron indoors, then you can accommodate a PlaneSWING – These dimensions are based on you using the PowerSLIDER which of course, like a club, extends beyond the circle. For use indoors you’ll require a width of 12ft (366 cm, height of 7.5ft (229 cm) and 5ft (152cm) depth for the stance area. Note the circle itself is only 7ft (214cm) in diameter.

PlaneSWING® folds in half and rolls away on wheels in less than 10 seconds
Use PlaneSWING® 3 to 4 times a week for 10 minutes each time and also before heading to the course and you’ll witness a dramatic, positive and permanent change. You’ll find extra power and distance and improved accuracy. Your confidence will soar. It’s a golf swing education.

If you’re serious about your golfing fitness and your golfing life, then PlaneSWING® is a MUST HAVE and life-time investment!

“Really happy with my game since getting a PlaneSWING. Hitting the ball a mile and straight. Birdied the 3 hardest holes at last outing!!”
Stan Allen, Australia

Understanding Why the PowerSLIDER out-performs a roller


There seems to be confusion out there about the difference between the carefully weighted PowerSLIDER by PlaneSWING the World’s #1 Swing Plane Trainer and a heavy roller. Here is the definitive explanation.

  1. The PowerSLIDER engages the core and bigger muscles that need to be used in the ‎golf swing
  2. The PowerSLIDER helps create “LAG” on the transition and a far more dynamic position at impact
  3. The PowerSLIDER has a solid aluminium shaft and will not bend, unlike a roller
  4. The PowerSLIDER has a solid hard-wearing rubber sleeve that builds light resistance with a thin film of rubber on the PlaneSWING hoop
  5. We offer 3 PowerSLIDER options. Standard long (driver to 5 iron), long LIGHT (ladies & juniors) & short (6 – wedge)

The roller is too heavy. Because it moves too easily it fails to engage the core and encourages excessive forearm rotation.

Also because it’s too heavy, the roller gets away from you, often causing a casting from the top of the back swing and often a flipping motion at impact and often as a consequence, a static lower half of the body.

No wonder we’ve sold hundreds of PowerSLIDERs to other swing hoop owners!



PlaneSWING is an updated and improved version of the age-old hoop concept. A concept that is endorsed and used by the world’s leading instructors both past and present. We made several changes and improvements detailed below.

No. We have developed a PowerSLIDER™. A weighted club that stretches and trains specifically the golfing muscles when used in the golf swing. With Tony’s experience we have designed the PowerSLIDER to create a more dynamic motion than a roller. The build-up of a light film of rubber around the hoop develops a resistance, simulating “lag” in the downswing. Unlike the roller, the PowerSLIDER will not get ahead of the hands at the impact area and not cause the wrists and forearms to excessively flip through the hitting area. Basically a golfer has more control with the PowerSLIDER.

Yes. We have already supplied many owners with PowerSLIDERS and PlaneCHECKERs, although the optimum usage is with a PlanSWING®

It depends on use in the same way that a tire’s wear is determined by mileage. An amateur using PlaneSWING 4 times a week may need to renew a PowerSLIDER after 12 months whilst a teaching professional may require a replacement sooner. The PowerSLIDER is a more robust piece of equipment than the roller.

One of Tony’s concerns with alternative hoop trainers was the tendency of golfers to come out of their spine angle to look up to check whether or not the club/roller was on plane. To remedy this we have developed the PlaneCHECKER™. This simple tool fits into the end of the grip of the PowerSLIDER. Golfers can now check at a glance, looking left and right whilst maintaining their spine angle, whether or not they are on-plane (consistent with the plane angle setting of the PlaneSWING). The PlaneCHECKER™ also acts as a great reference point in the transition and at impact where it should be pointing at the lead hip. Plus not having an attachment at the top is the ease with which the PlaneSWING can be folded before and after use.

We’ve focused on a non-confusing square set up. This was decided after researching the views of professionals and inferior product owners, many of whom found the curved lines confusing.

These are reference points that help teaching professionals with their instruction and golfers with executing drills more effectively. The numbered decals are placed in a clock formation on the inside of the upper hoop facing the golfer.

We offer unrivaled global support with free personalized swing analysis at the start to help you get the very best out of PlaneSWING and realize the outstanding results that golfers all over the world are experiencing. Our commitment to our clients is 100%.