PlaneSWING® Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us directly

Every PlaneSWING package includes the PlaneSWING apparatus, the Stance Alignment Mat, Decals 1-12, PlaneCHECKER, PlaneGUIDE, Assembly Manual and video link, Instructional video link and long STANDARD PowerSLIDER (simulates driver to 5 iron). The Birdie package also includes the SHORT PowerSLIDER (simulates 6 iron – wedge) and the Eagle package the SHORT & Long LIGHTER PowerSLIDER (designed for ladies and juniors that have outgrown the PlayNSWING junior).

When set correctly PlaneSWING helps you build a consistent and repeatable golf swing on YOUR ideal swing plane using the unique weighted PowerSLIDER. Stretching and training specifically the muscles used in the golf swing, the PowerSLIDER will help develop ‘motor skill change’, often erroneously referred to as muscle memory. Regular use (3 times a week in 15 to 20 min sessions) will help ingrain the desired movement and give you a greater understanding of how the body works in relation to the golf swing. Following the instructional video you’ll improve body/arms sequencing for improved accuracy and distance.

We are the world #1 for good reason. Design; performance and support. No other swing circle can boast the testimonials, the distribution and the high profile users that PlaneSWING can. We have sold over 400 PowerSLIDERS and PlaneCHECKERS to other swing circle owners and over 200 numbered decal sheets. Note that we do not pay for any endorsements.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply return the PlaneSWING in the original box with all components, nuts, bolts and tools etc… and upon receipt and a satisfactory inspection we will refund then full amount originally paid. We offer a 12 months warranty on all parts against manufacturer fault. We offer a life time guarantee on the upper hoop and the ground tube against manufacturer fault.

We have a long list of golf coaches that have a PlaneSWING at their facility which can be found on this web site. It’s as accurate as it can be given the fluidity of movement of people so we recommend that you call ahead. But of course we offer a no risk 30 days money back guarantee and with golfers in over 80 countries using PlaneSWING successfully we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with what amounts to a lifetime investment.

One of Tony’s concerns with alternative hoop trainers was the tendency of golfers to corrupt their spine angle when checking whether or not the roller or club was on plane. To remedy this we have developed the PlaneCHECKER™. This simple tool (looks like a lollipop) fits into the end of the grip of the PowerSLIDER. Golfers can now check at a glance whether or not they are on-plane (consistent with the plane angle setting of the PlaneSWING). Fitting into the butt of the PowerSLIDER, the PlaneCHECKER is a simple reference point for golfers to check their hand plane without standing and corrupting their spine angle. It also provides feedback in the transition, impact and release!

PlaneSWING® is effective specifically because you DO NOT HIT BALLS when in use. The effectiveness of PlaneSWING® is achieved by regular use of the PowerSLIDER™ which trains and conditions the golfing muscles. Using a golf club and hitting balls is not only dangerous and invalidates any warranty, it also defeats the object of PlaneSWING®, which is to ingrain a powerful and repeatable motion without the distraction of hitting balls. Once you step out of PlaneSWING® and hit balls, the results are dramatic and with regular use the positive change could become permanent. What we do suggest is taping up an old club (say a 4 iron – you may need to re-set PlaneSWING to a slightly steeper swing plane angle) and swinging slowly around the PlaneSWING upper hoop. This enables you to replicate the motion you’ve been training and to observe club face position.

Yes. Here’s why. A slice is predominantly caused by an out to in swing path caused by the golfer “sucking” the club on the inside in the take away which results in a compensatory movement on the downswing in order to re-align the body and to try to get the club to ball. Set at the correct angle PlaneSWING quickly gets golfers aligned and swinging on the right path. Following the advice in the comprehensive instructional video you’ll learn how the biomechanics of the body work in relation to the golf swing and the importance of the grip, posture, alignment and body and arms sequencing and how this influences the rotational movement and stability throughout the swing. Regular and correct use with the weighted PowerSLIDER ingrains a motion that promotes width in the backswing and helps prevent excessive forearm rotation so the club doesn’t get too far behind you too early. You’ll instantly FEEL the difference. Wrist hinge will be easier and more natural and will allow you to complete the backswing. At this point the PlaneCHECKER (the attachment that fits into the ned of the PowerSLIDER) should be in line with the angle of the PlaneSWING. In the downswing you’ll experience lag while your hands will be in front of you as you rotate towards the target. Your impact position will be more dynamic with a level of shaft lean, allowing you to release powerfully to target with extension and with natural forearm rotation and wrist hinge through impact.  This improved understanding whilst simultaneously training specifically the muscles used in the golf swing will provide you with the knowledge you need to take your game to a whole new level and with continued support from the PlaneSWING Team.

Absolutely not. Our customers include Open Champion Darren Clarke, US Open Champion Dustin Johnson, PGA Champion Shaun Micheel, Tommy Fleetwood and Bryson DeChambeau. Five more different swings you’ll struggle to find. Plus we’re used by golfers of all levels in over 80 countries. We believe PlaneSWING® to be “teacher agnostic” and the most effective and versatile teaching, training and golf fitness system available. Whether you are an advocate of one plane, two-plane, Homer Kelly’s “Golf Machine” or the “Stack and Tilt” method, PlaneSWING® can help ingrain the motion you as a coach or player is looking for. The age-old swing hoop concept has been used by many of the World’s leading coaches and PlaneSWING is used now by Hall of Famer Randy Smith, Martin Hall of Golf Channel, Martin Chuck of Tour Striker Golf & Revolution Golf, Kevin Craggs coach to Colin Montgomerie and Paula Creamer, Mike Schy, Coach to Bryson DeChambeau, Allen Terrell coach to Dustin Johnson and PGA Instructors across 4 continents.

Simple! With PlaneSWING® you will receive a link to a comprehensive instructional video and the PlaneGUIDE™ (an elasticated bungee cord) which stretches across the PlaneSWING® from one side to the other. Assuming the correct grip and posture, when the hoop is adjusted to the correct angle, using the calibrated telescopic strut, the PlaneGUIDE™ should be slightly bowed across the sternum marginally below the midway point of the sternum (across the top of the arm pits). Start with the PlaneGUIDE™ at approx. 6in (15cm) above the halfway point of the hoop and slide up or down to find the correct setting. NOTE: With the longer PowerSLIDER™ (simulating a long club 5iron – driver) the PlaneSWING® will be set flatter. Conversely using a short PowerSLIDER™ will require the PlaneSWING® to be set at a more upright angle. Also, see “How to Use PlaneSWING®”. We are available 24/7 via email and phone to help you get the very best out of your PlaneSWING®

We offer 3 PowerSLIDER models. Each has a solid aluminum shaft, hardened hard wearing rubber sleeve and standard grip.

  1. The long standard PowerSLIDER which is included in every PlaneSWING package. This simulates driver through to 5 iron and is suitable for the vast majority of adult male golfers
  2. The SHORT PowerSLIDER which is an optional extra but also included in the Birdie and Eagle packages. This simulates 6 iron to wedge and is great for short game drills and for working on body/arms sequencing. This is suitable for all adult golfers.
  3. Our long LIGHTER PowerSLIDER is designed specifically for ladies and juniors that have grown into the adult PlaneSWING. Simulating driver to 5 iron it is also used by golf instructors for helping stroke survivors return to golf or to golf for the first time.

Note: Many golfers change the grip to the type they use on their clubs and some also use our training grip.

The weighted PowerSLIDERS stretches and trains specifically the muscles used in the golf swing. The hardened rubber sleeve on the PowerSLIDER builds slight resistance which encourages engagement of the core and bigger muscles. This aids body/arms sequencing, the secret to accuracy and power. It also helps create LAG in the transition, delivers a dynamic position at impact and a powerful release. Regular use will help build strength and increase clubhead speed and ball distance.

Simple. There are actually only 8 components with all other parts factory fitted. The comprehensive manual and assembly video take you through the process one step at a time.  It’s a once only job and should take you 45 mins. Once assembled, PlaneSWING folds and rolls away in seconds!

Yes. We’re proud that golfers of all levels, renowned golf coaches and dozens of players on all the main PGA Tours use PlaneSWING successful. The fact that we are used by US Open Champion Dustin Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood, Bryson DeChambeau, Open Champion & Ryder Cup legend Darren Clarke and others supports our claim that PlaneSWING is for “Beginners to Major Winners”!

You’ll require a minimum 7ft 6in (228cm) height, 5ft (152cm) depth and 12ft (336cm) width. The width is to allow for the extension of the PowerSLIDER beyond the upper hoop and is an important consideration in respect of health & safety.

Yes. We believe that our support both before and after purchase is the best in the golf industry and our testimonials would seem to confirm that. We strive to deliver the best service and if ever we fall short we’ll act quickly at our cost to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied. Much of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth.

Yes. This can be completed on line or by calling us direct. The terms vary by market but we start at interest free!

PlaneSWING, with the unique PowerSLIDER was designed specifically to address swing path flaws and through PlaneSWING’s adjustability, help create a consistent motion on each golfer’s ideal swing plane. The initial two feet in the golf swing is critical in helping the golfer remain on plane. See FAQ number 10 for a more comprehensive explanation.

Yes. Consistent with our Mission Statement, we have designed the PlayNSWING (Play & Swing) for children aged 3 to 10 years old with a maximum height of 4ft 7in (140cm). Note that after extensive research with junior (golfers & non-golfers) we chose not to have a junior PowerSLIDER but instead to use a PlayNSWING club. Our research showed that excessive weight in a club for a child prevented a natural rotation of the upper body and hinging of the wrists. This has proven very successful.

PlaneSWING folds in half and is on wheels so can easily be moved inside. The dimensions when folded are 7ft 3in (220cm) long and just 10in (25cm) deep. So very compact.

Yes. Simply swing in the opposite direction. Around 12% of our customers are left-handed with a greater percentage in Canada due to ice hockey!

The powder coated steel construction is weather resistant. It is an extremely robust piece of equipment. Given this is a lifetime investment in hardware we recommend that you always keep your PlaneSWING dry and free of dust.  Plus it folds and rolls away on wheels in seconds for easy storage.

We have straight lines on the mat. Using these and the PlaneGUIDE you should be able to set up squarely each time when inside PlaneSWING. No confusion.

Yes. We have a busy coaching facility in Orlando, Florida; the PlaneSWING Golf Improvement Center based at Orange County National Golf Center, and also offer on-line coaching. We are proud of our coaching success and attribute this to our coaching style and keeping communications simple and easy to understand and implement, whether a beginner or elite golfer.  We can be contacted at 800-336-3033.

We rent PlaneSWINGs from one location only and that is Orlando and a 30 mile radius maximum with collections permissible. Call 800-336-3033 for details.

These add another option for golfers and instructors. Whilst the golf swing is a movement, many coaches do work on positions. Some people use all 12 (in a clock formation), some use 3, 9 and 6 only. It’s a matter of choice.

You can but here’s our advice. Never hit balls when using PlaneSWING. It’s designed for slow, extended movement using the PowerSLIDERS so that you stretch and train specifically the muscles used in the golf swing thereby creating motor-skill change by ingraining a repetitive motion on YOUR ideal swing plane. When coaching we do sometimes use a club as part of the process. This is an old 4 iron taped up to prevent damage to the PlaneSWING. We don’t swing we move slowly around the hoop to better understand how the body and arms relate and the impact this has on the path of the club and the club face.