The 7 Deadly Sins that make Golf HELL!

The 7 Deadly Sins that make Golf HELL!

“If you visit any golf website that tells you that the golf swing is a complex biomechanical movement, log off QUICK! They may have a different agenda and are simply trying to confuse you.

Actually it’s a very simple movement and the human body, in the correct posture, is perfectly built to swing a golf club resulting in a powerful and repeatable swing, pain free!”

Tony Clark, Owner/CEO PlaneSWING Golf

1. The Dreaded Slice!

Grip, Alignment and Posture. You hear it all the time. It may seem boring, but it’s true. Get these three right and you’re most the way there!

You don't have to slice. It’s a choice. What PlaneSWING does is help instantly with swing path. It will give you an immediate understanding of where your hands, arms and body should be throughout the swing for a powerful and repeatable motion. Repeated use will ingrain this “slice free” motion.

With PlaneSWING you can learn how to control your ball flight. Hit a fade or a draw, hit it high and hit it low. With expert drills you can take control of your game like never before and PlaneSWING will ingrain that motion!

2. Coming “over the top”

I refer you back to first paragraph in Point 1. I’ll do this a lot!
It's NOT complicated and it's not difficult. Swing path on the way up, impacts swing path on the way down.

Combining width & rotation will get your hands in a great position to attack the ball. Casting comes about because golfers are in the wrong position at the top.

With PlaneSWING and our plane & simple guide to a biomechanically sound swing you'll immediately see a dramatic improvement that with regular use of PlaneSWING will last a lifetime!
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3. The Hook that Won’t Listen!

Grip, Alignment and Posture with one other point. Shaft alignment.

Hands behind the ball has the shaft pointing LEFT. Hands too far ahead of the ball has the shaft pointing RIGHT. Line that shaft over the ball at address.

It truly doesn't have to be that way. PlaneSWING aids shaft alignment. The unique PowerSLIDER engages the core and bigger muscles and creates LAG in the down swing. This keeps you on-plane preventing you getting trapped on the inside allowing a powerful release at impact we no risk of hooking!
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4. Stop that SHANK!

How does a shank happen and why at the most inopportune time? Well, the first shank is generally mechanical. Excessive forearm rotation and a bad ball position are common causes, whether a novice or Tour Player, and these generally come about because of tiredness, a lack of concentration and even, in my opinion, a subconscious dread of what is about to happen. This subconscious anxiety can increase depending on a golfer’s propensity to shank and their position at the time. A self-fulfilling prophesy.

But being on plane will go a long way to addressing this. Width in the takeaway. Stability, preventing a lateral hip movement in the takeaway. A consistent angle of attack, a free and accelerated release to target with body/arms sequencing and increased confidence in your swing is the ultimate weapon against pressure.

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5. Fat Shots!

We’re back to basics with an added element. Acceleration. LAG is not reserved for the longer clubs. Fat shots are most common the shorter the distance of the shot.

Why? Because people decelerate, an attempt to guide the ball and afraid of going long. Indecision. Fatal error! Remember “the bottom of the swing arc is beyond the ball”. Visualizing this and understanding this will dictate your shot and reduce dramatically or even eliminate fat shots. Even for those short shots, 50 yards in, we still want to see the body transition towards the target.

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6. Thin Shots!

Fat or thin; opposite shots with almost identical causes. Top Tips.

Once again. Grip, Alignment and Posture play a key role. Complete your backswing. Failure to do this affects the swing path. Once again, remember “the bottom of the arc is beyond the ball”. To achieve this your hands must reach the ball before your club head. This delivers a solid strike and the link effect is better weight transition and a free release to target.

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7. Failing to Complete the Swing = Failure!

Whether a putt or a drive; you have to complete the back swing before you start the downswing. A smooth transition, on plane, is key to your BEST shot. A rushed swing becomes a short swing.

With PlaneSWING you’ll build a consistent tempo and with regular use it’ll help you get to the TOUR Player swing ratio of 3:1 (backswing to downswing) driver through to wedge.

One swing thought. When the left shoulder reaches your throat (right-handed golfer) the back swing is complete.

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“My personal guarantee to you is better golf through improved understanding of the simple biomechanics of the golf swing and how, with the help of PlaneSWING, you can transform you swing, ball striking, scores AND personal fitness”.

Tony Clark, Owner/CEO PlaneSWING Golf


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