Building swing confidence. One child at a time.

Building swing confidence. One child at a time.

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Here at PlaneSWING Golf, we’re committed to growing the game and specifically through children. Our products make learning the golf swing easier and more fun, and because improvement is so rapid, we keep kids in the game.

The Future of Golf Begins Today

When you invest in a PlayNSWING Junior for your child, you’re investing in their golfing future which opens up a world of possibilities both in and outside the sport.

The life skills learned through golf are well documented and for me personally, it’s the lifelong friendships that I’ve made and I’m forever grateful to the neighbor that knocked on our door in Liverpool, England when I was 13 and asked my mother if I wanted to play golf!

When you invest in a PlayNSWING Junior, we invest in your child. Not only do we provide unrivaled support and free swing reviews, but we also automatically include a $75/£75 voucher to be used for lessons with the PGA Teaching Professional of your choice.

PlaneSWING. Investing in Youth. Investing in Golf. Investing in PGA Professionals.

A Mom witnesses her kid's outstanding results on PlayNSWING! Check out other Junior videos on our YouTube channel

“My personal guarantee to you is better golf through improved understanding of the simple biomechanics of the golf swing and how, with the help of PlaneSWING, you can transform your swing, ball striking, scores AND personal fitness”.

Tony Clark, Owner/Coach PlaneSWING Golf

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