How To Hold A Golf Club For Improved Swing Path

How To Hold A Golf Club For Improved Swing Path

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We all want more powerful, straighter shots. The best place to start? Your grip.

How you grip a golf club directly impacts swing path and angle. Here’s a simple guide to a bio-mechanically sound grip that will have you hinging and releasing like a pro.


Path is vital. The correct path ensures that you deliver a square clubface to the ball. There are three factors that determine path:

  1. Grip
  2. Alignment
  3. Posture

All three factors are connected, but grip will be our primary focus for now.


Compensatory movements to address a poor grip are a common result of a grip that's either too strong or too weak. Not only will this affect your score--it will put more stress on your body.

Left Hand

Start by placing your left hand on the club through the roots of your fingers (if you’re left-handed, reverse everything). Already, your left thumb should be parallel to the shaft, placed just to the right of center.

Right Hand

You’ll be somewhat overlapping your left hand with your right. Your right hand should be placed lower than the left, and roughly the middle three fingers should overlap. At this point, the palm of your right hand should have completely enveloped your left thumb.

Take a moment to survey your grip. Right now, two Vs formed by the thumb and index finger of each hand should be pointed up between your chin and right shoulder. Once you’ve finished setting up the grip, you should be able to hinge comfortably to 90 degrees.

Strong fundamentals are essential if a golfer is to develop their skills. A sound grip and efficient motion leads to a path of improvement, better golfing health, and stronger golfing muscles.

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out this video to see what fantastic rotation looks like in practice.

Not Sure You’re Doing it Right?

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