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PowerSLIDER Long Light

Ideal for juniors, ladies and seniors

$ 149.00

  • Designed for Juniors, Ladies and Seniors
  • Helps ingrain a powerful & repeatable motion creating lag
  • Simulates driver to 5 iron
  • Length – 112cm, Weight – 1kg
  • Optional Yellow PlaneCHECKER Available


The Long LIGHTER PowerSLIDER is designed for Ladies, Juniors and Seniors.  At just 0.9kg (2lb) it’s perfect for juniors that have just progressed from the PlayNSWING or are starting golf for the first time and for ladies and some seniors. Ideal for golf coaches and families.

Despite being lighter than the long standard PowerSLIDER, it will help rapidly develop strength and power in ladies and juniors within the protection of the swing plane.

 When used, the PowerSLIDER imparts a film of rubber around the hoop, creating light resistance, resulting in a dynamic position at impact that will build help ingrain a powerful and consistent swing.


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