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PlayNSWING® Junior


$ 399.00

  • Designed for children aged 3 to 10 (maximum height 4ft 5in / 135cm)
  • Guaranteed to fast-track kids into an active life of golf
  • Proving stability, width & rotation to provide a safe and dynamic swing.

INTRODUCING THE PlayNSWING Junior.  Rapid Learning, Instant Results, Golfers for Life!

PlaneSWING® is proud to announce the birth of our new family member, PlayNSWING®

Two years in the making, PlayNSWING ( Play & Swing) is guaranteed to fast-track kids into golf. Vibrant in appearance, PlayNSWING® delivers in performance, giving children an instant feel for the correct movement in a fun and exciting way!

Designed for children aged 3 to 9 (maximum height 4ft 5in / 135cm) the multi-adjustable PlayNSWING hoop combines with a variable Stance Alignment Mat and PlayNSWING Golf Club to help children rapidly understand at the earliest of ages, through feel, the concept of the swing plane.

Stability, Width & Rotation from an early age will set kids up for life! The launch of PlayNSWING® is a continuation of PlaneSWING revolutionising the way golf is taught and learned and fast-tracking children into a safe and dynamic swing with amazing results.

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