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PlayNSWING® Junior

PlaneSWING® is proud to announce the birth of our new family member, PlayNSWING® (Play & Swing)

Two years in the making, PlayNSWING (Play & Swing) is guaranteed to fast-track kids into golf. Vibrant in appearance, PlayNSWING® delivers in performance, giving children an instant feel for the correct movement in a fun and exciting way!

  • Designed for children aged 3 to 10 (maximum height 4ft 7in / 140cm)
  • Guaranteed to fast-track kids into an active life of golf
  • Providing stability, width & rotation to help create a safe and dynamic swing

Rapid Results!

We’re even in Paraguay!

A Mother’s Verdict!

When you invest in PlaneSWING® for your child, we in turn will invest in them. Through regular communication we “partner” with parents in their child’s golfing development.

We can provide coaching drills and keep you informed of programs that we believe will benefit your child most.

We offer free professional analysis based on images and video of your child both in and out of PlaneSWING®.

Golf is steeped in integrity and fair play. At PlaneSWING® we believe that golf can shape a child’s character and have multiple benefits in their social and business life and their physical wellbeing.

Golf’s More Fun When It’s Easy!

Our goal is growing the game and for that to be achieved it has to be easier and more fun. With PlayNSWING® we’re re-writing how golf can and should be taught, especially to junior golfers. The swing plane is the holy grail of golf and nothing communicates the feel for the swing plane better than PlayNSWING® and with dramatic results!

Our promise to you is rapid, sustained and safe golf improvement for your children!

Tony Clark, Owner and Coach