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Hear Tony Clark explain how to build a consistent golf swing in the World's Best Golf Training Aid.

PlaneSWING® is used globally by golf instructors, tour players and golfers of all levels. Literally "Beginners to Major Winners"!

The biggest swing killer is an "armsy" golf swing. This results in the forearms immediately over rotating and the club getting behind you.

Now you're on the wrong swing path and it's a battle to get on plane because you'll struggle to hinge your wrists. Compensatory movements kill speed.

No momentum, no power. No power, no distance and little chance of accuracy. You can't achieve WIDTH without the arms and the shoulders working together in unison.

If the shoulders remain static, your arms just slap across your chest. Practice the movement I'm showing you and you'll see instant results.

Start building a great golf swing in minutes. Our instructional video is in 15 easy to digest sections and simply and concisely explains the golf swing and how PlaneSWING delivers rapid results.