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[vc_row top_padding=”50″ bottom_padding=”30″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Owner Tony Clark first started coaching in 1976 in Liverpool, England under the tutelage of Jim Large, one of the UK’s most respected teaching professionals. In 2009 Tony created PlaneSWING®, now recognized as the world’s leading full-swing golf teaching, training and golf fitness system.

PlaneSWING’s main focus is providing rapid learning tools that introduce new golfers into our great game whilst retaining and developing established golfers. Whether a novice or established golfer, male or female, able bodied or disadvantaged, we believe that everyone has a right to enjoy golf and the discipline and integrity that it promotes. Golf is truly unique. No other outdoor sport has a broader player age profile with the opportunity and scope to transform the lives of society’s disadvantaged, from the blind, troubled inner-city kids all over the world to injured troops returning from military service.

We’re proud to support charities in their endeavors to take golf to every corner of the earth. Our main adopted charity is “Fairways for Warriors”, a small charity based in Kissimmee, Florida and doing amazing work supporting veterans from all conflicts and their families. Over 90 cents of every $1 raised goes directly to the veterans.

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“Golf benefits society. It provides a physical, mental and social rehabilitation solution. I know. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness it in action.”

Tony Clark

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“To grow the game of golf by making it easier to learn and easier to teach.”

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Simple and effective. All products we promote and coaches we endorse will meet this criterion.

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“PlaneSWING® is used by golfers of all levels in over 80 countries including Teachers from PGA of America, PGA of GB & Ireland, PGA of Australia, PGAs of Europe, PGA of Canada, LPGA and more and players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour, Web.com Tour and Challenge Tour.

Tony Clark, PlaneSWING® Owner and Coach

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Join Tony Clark, Coach and creator of PlaneSWING for one-on-one and group coaching in Orlando, Florida.
His golfing experience spans 4 decades and during that time he’s been “up close and personal” with the game’s greatest coaches and frankly the nicest and most “giving” people in the game including Hall of Fame Coach Randy Smith, Butch Harmon, Kevin Craggs, Pete Cowan etc.. and players, including Major Winners Darren Clarke, Sandy Lyle, Shaun Micheel and YE Yang and continues to this day to share the knowledge he’s gained from these legends with golfers of all levels and with consistently outstanding results.

“There isn’t a one size fits all. We tailor our courses to the individual” Tony Clark.

“Tony, I went out today and shot my best score. This shows how much I have learnt with you.” Colin Shirley.

“I can honestly tell you guys, this is the real deal. I learned more in 15 minutes than in any other lesson.” James Black

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Helping regular golfers significantly exceed their expectations and maintain a higher standard is what gives Tony the most satisfaction.

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“I believe that by helping a golfer understand the simple biomechanics of the swing, it’s far easier for that understanding to then translate into a repeatable motion which can then be ingrained with practice and regular use of PlaneSWING®. The kinesthetic effect of PlaneSWING® in unequalled. It truly is the most effective full-swing training aid available.”

Tony Clark

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